Different type of beer keg couplers

Draught Beer Keg Couplers

If you're delving into the world of draught beer for the first time, understanding the role of a keg coupler is essential. In essence, a keg coupler serves as the conduit between the keg and your tap, facilitating the smooth flow of beer from barrel to glass by channelling gas into the keg, thereby pushing the beer out through the faucet.

Choosing the Right Keg Coupler

It might surprise you to learn that different beer brands require specific keg couplers. Let's explore the various types and the brands they're compatible with:

A Type Coupler:

A type beer keg coupler

This type of coupler is tailor-made for iconic global beer brands like Guinness, as well as esteemed labels such as Camden Hells and Camden Pale Ale. To connect, simply lift the handle of the coupler fully, ensuring the base lies flat, then slide the fitting over the keg's sphere head and push down until it clicks securely into place.

KeyKeg Coupler:

Keykeg coupler

Ideal for dispensing beverages from eco-friendly kegs, typically made of plastic for easy recycling. The gas injected into the KeyKeg compresses the beer out of the bagged keg without compromising its quality. This coupler also facilitates the release of air from the keg for recycling purposes. As craft beer gains traction, KeyKeg connectors are becoming increasingly popular due to their compatibility with smaller keg sizes. To connect, lift the handle upward and position it over the sphere head, then rotate the outer teeth clockwise or anticlockwise until they grip the keg head, and finally, press down to secure.

Grundy Coupler:

Grundy G type keg coupler

Another widely used coupler design, the Grundy (G Type) shares similarities with the KeyKeg coupler, featuring a tri-lobe circular twist fitting for connection. Many mainstream brands like Coors Light, Carling, and Budweiser utilise this coupler, ensuring compatibility across a range of popular beverages.

Sankey Coupler:

Sankey S type connector

Predominantly favoured in the UK, the Sankey (S Type) connector is the go-to choice for prestigious brands like Peroni, Estrella, and Heineken. Its reliable design ensures a seamless dispensing experience for discerning beer enthusiasts.

Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering a gas leak from the gas inlet or a beer leak from the product outlet? In most cases, these issues stem from user-generated faults, often caused by excessive force during keg handling. However, with a few simple steps, you can remedy these common problems. If you suspect a gas leak, isolate the gas supply, and inspect the gas pipe for splits. For beer leaks, check the product line for any signs of damage. By exercising caution during keg handling, you can minimize the risk of these minor issues and enjoy uninterrupted draught beer service.

Dive into the world of draught beer with confidence, armed with the knowledge of keg couplers and their indispensable role in delivering the perfect pour, every time.


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