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4 Pull Shakespeare Hand Pull

4 Pull Shakespeare Hand Pull

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Our Shakespeare Hand pull unit, the design of which we have the worldwide patent on, is a cylinder less unit which revolutionises traditional dispense.  It replicates the traditional hand pull through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve.  It looks, reacts and feels just like a traditional hand pull and delivers Cask Marque approved beer time and time again.  Shakespeare needs to be pump assisted and no check valve is required.

Installation is the same as any keg product as it uses a standard beer line and gas pump. The unit has three components, all of which are quickly and easily replaced in trade if required. As well as being easy to install and maintain, the biggest benefit is the massive savings on ullage/wastage during line cleaning (see below) and because there is no cylinder additional re-circ cooling is not necessary.

Please contact us directly on 0121 328 5900 or email for bespoke finishes and lead times.

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