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5 x Cask Breather (Autovent)

5 x Cask Breather (Autovent)

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This is a Harry Mason Cask Breather. Sometimes known as a Race Ventilator or Auto vent. This is an automated version of the hard and soft peg or spile. When installed correctly this can add days to the life span of your ale. The Cask Breather can be used on either vertical dispense systems as well as the traditional laydown method, it can also be used with our flexible ale extractors.

The Cask Breather is made from a high-impact resistant food-grade material. It extends the life of your beer by use of the Non-Return Valve (duckbill) controlling the air entering the cask. Only natural air is allowed to enter the cask. When the beer is dispensed either at the cask tap or at the bar, the vacuum within the cask forces the valve to open.


To correctly install, simply create a hole in the shive with either a Venting Punch Hand Held or a Barrel Vent Peg.

The Cask Breather is designed to come apart for cleaning, simply unscrew the cap and remove the silicon (Duck Bill) Non-Return Valve, either put in hot soapy water or a cleaning solution and use a Cleaning Brush.


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