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Aston Cylinder Cabinet (pre 2017)

Aston Cylinder Cabinet (pre 2017)

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The Aston Hand Pull Cabinet Cylinder is available as both 1/4pt and 1/2pt and with or without a self contained water jacket. The cylinder  comes with an energised non return valve. This prevents the beer from flowing back down the line.


To remove the cylinder drain both the lines and the cylinder beforehand. This will help eliminate waste and reduce mess. Unscrew the pivot points near the base of the frame. Remove the dispense tap and unclip the spring pin. Once you have the cylinder and dispense tap free from the frame this makes it a lot easier to access the jubilee clips. Simply loosen the jubilee clip that holds the connection tube on to the outlet of the top cap and pull the tube off.

To install the new cylinder slide the connection tube over the outlet. Tighten the jubilee clip back up to create an airtight seal. To connect the cylinder to the frame, slide the spring clip through the holes which connect the cylinder clevis and Aston Quadrant together. Screw the dispense tap back to the frame and screw in the pivot point. Tighten the bolts to the frame to avoid them coming loose. Be careful not to screw the pivot points to much but keep them flush with the outside of the frame.

To connect the unit up to the beer line, simply slide a hose clip on the end of the beer line. Once in place slide it on the bottom of the hose tail. This is then connected to the Aston Cylinder. Make sure to keep all washers and seals in place to keep it airtight.

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