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Harry Mason Ltd

CO2 Plastic Barrel Spiggot

CO2 Plastic Barrel Spiggot

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The Harry Mason CO2 Plastic Barrel Spigot is the best way of applying a blanket pressure. However it must be noted that this should only be used on a lay down barrel. The huge advantage of using a CO2 Plastic Barrel Spigot is that it can maximise the longevity of of your beer. It ensures that the yeast doesn't react in the same way with CO2 as oxygen. CO2 extends the life of the yeast. The CO2 Plastic Barrel Spigot is manufactured from FDA approved food grade and high impact resistant material.

  • Increase life span of your cask
  • Easy to install
  • Non Return Valve to control CO2
  • Made from impact and food grade materials


The CO2 Barrel Spigot contains a Non Return Valve (duck bill). This is also used in the Cask Breather (Auto Ventilator). The?Non Return Valve allows CO2 to enter the cask and consequently prevents any gases from leaving. There are a few other products that you will need to apply a blanket pressure on your ale in your cask. You will need an Aspirating Valve and a  Check Valve. Finally we recommend checking out the current law and legislation for the use of CO2 in the cellar. Check out our Gas Related Blog.


To install correctly, please watch James demonstrate various options in how to vent your lay down cask barrel. Plus make sure that you make an air tight seal in the shive with the CO2 Barrel Spigot.


Gas can help make you pub very profitable with extending the life span of your cask. However purchasing cheaply can be so much more costly. Cheaper cylinder are not correctly tested and could explode if they corrode on the inside.

A few things to check on your CO2 bottle before using: -

    • Reputable supplier


    • Correctly labelled with a product and a food traceability label


    • Check the cylinder is fitted with a complete coloured test date ring

If you are unsure about your gas call the BFBI Gas Hotline 01902795743

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