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Flexible Ale Extractor Body

Flexible Ale Extractor Body

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The Flexible Ale Extractor body has numerous different names such as a Broach and a Shank.

Harry Mason Ltd recommend when buying a Rigid or Flexible Ale extractor that you purchase at least one extra Ale Extractor Body. This will give you the flexibility to tap the next barrel in advance. This will allow plenty of time to settle whilst you continue to dispense fromthe current barrel.  87% of pubs in the UK sell around 144 pints of ale per week. This equates to 2 firkins (9 gallon) casks per week. For every barrel you should have an ale extractor body. Vertical dispensing reduces the amount of cellar space required. This is compared to to the traditional lay down method. In theory you can store two vertical firkins in the same of one in the lay down position.

The Flexible Ale Extractor Body comes with a Blanking Plug (sometimes known as Blanking Nut). This saves damaging the thread when venting and tapping the cask. We recommend always using a rubber mallet when venting and tapping the barrel. This prevent any damage to the extractor bodies. The ale extractor has the ability to vent the condition of the barrel also as well as tapping the barrel.

On the Shank on the Flexible Ale Extractor Body there is a line going round the part that goes into the keystone, the indication line is how far you drive into the keystone. We calculated the correct distance the body needs to go through the keystone. The keystone today is normally made out of rubber material which means when the body goes through the keystone it doesn't break off, it creates a "flap" which can hinder the performance of the flexible and rigid ale extractors.

To purchase spare Rigid Ale Extractor bodies please click here

Please watch the video below to watch how to Tap your barrel correctly

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