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Flexible Ale Extractor Float

Flexible Ale Extractor Float

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The Flexible Ale Extractor Float has been designed and manufactured to float on the surface of the beer. It floats at a 45-degree angle with the inlet of the float sitting just below. The Inlet of the Flexible Ale Extractor Float has 24 holes. All these holes are 2mm diameter. This will sufficiently fill the silicon tube without any chance of starving the line. Starvation can affect the performance of your dispense equipment.

The holes on the Flexible Ale Extractor Float were initially designed to be suitable for Marston's FastCask. This is a new initiative that has living yeast within the beer itself in small bead form. They do not dissolve in the beer but they do allow the beer to flow through them as a second fermentation process.

The 2mm holes have been designed especially for ready rack beers. As this enables the beer to settle quicker, you can start dispensing the beer soon after tapping the barrel. Please speak to your relevant brewery for advice on the recommended time you should leave your cask to settle.

The Flexible Ale Extractor float is made from food-grade material. This is essential as the float comes into contact with the beer.

Please make sure that you have correctly vented and tapped your Ale Extractor Body into your cask correctly. There is an indication line on the shank of the body to indicate how far you need to drive the body through the keystone.

Keystones today are generally made of rubber material, unlike the traditional wooden ones. When you tapped your barrel, the wooden keystone middle would have been clearly knocked out of the way. Compared to the newer rubber keystone which can create a flap if you don't drive the body deep enough in. This can catch on the float when being extracted from the cask.

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