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Single Rigid Ale Extractor

Single Rigid Ale Extractor

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Extra Body

The Rigid Ale Extractor is suitable for upright extraction and the stainless steel tube length is 28’’ long.  The outlet is made from FDA Food Grade Material. The inlet or bottom filter has a 24 hole formation with each hole measuring 2mm in diameter. As a result, these holes help to prevent residue or pieces of hops from entering the beer line. This is the first stage of the filtration process.  

The second phase of the filtration process is the Hop Filter. The Hop Filter is made from 316 Stainless Steel Mesh.  It is formed into a dome shape and moulded with rubber material around the edge. The Hop Filter sits on the hose tail and creates an airtight joint between the tail and the outlet. As a result, this helps to prevent residue from being dispensed into the glass.

Finally, when purchasing you Rigid Ale Extractor we recommend purchasing a second Ale Extractor Body This will help with the time management of cask within your cellar.

Watch our youtube video showing how to correctly tap your upright cask

  • Dual dispense
  • Space-saving
  • 28’’ stainless steel tube
  • Available in 3/4 BSP, L & Y Thread
  • Space-saving vertical extraction
  • Made from FDA food-grade material
  • Hop filter included
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